Combat Aging with Acupuncture

Aging is the process of becoming older day by day. During early middle age, many bodily functions begin to decline gradually e.g. speed of walking may be reduced, heavy meals are difficult to digest, vision gets affected, and so on.  

Chronological age vs Biological age

Chronological age refers to the actual amount of time a person has existed. However, it is observed that some people look older as compared to their age (chronological age). In such cases, the biological age is more than the chronological age.

Our biological age refers to how old our cells really are and therefore, our real age. Your chronological age is irreversible and is not dependent on your life habits. Conversely, biological age may vary depending on your lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, attitude, stress, etc.).

Biological age is a measurement of your age based on various biomarkers; a number that can change due to lifestyle and other health factors. Your biological age reflects a combination of your genetics, accumulated lifestyle factors, and other determinants such as demographics, diet, and exercise habits.

In general, for a layman, aging corresponds to the appearance of an individual concerning skin, hair, teeth, body movements, etc. For example, the wrinkles on the skin, sagging of skin/breast/stomach, loss of teeth, poor vision, graying of hair, or loss of hair. However, technically, the effect of aging can be seen aesthetically as well as based on functionality i.e. function of the body. Let us understand this with the following cases.

Case 1 (aging signs observed aesthetically)

A woman aged 44, approached with the following complaints: heavy hair loss, wrinkles on the face, dryness of skin, sagging of muscles of the face and arm. After analyzing her biological age observed as 57 years. Subsequently, after acupuncture treatment, she found improvement in all complaints, and her biological age was observed as 46 years.

Case 2 (aging signs not observed but affected functionally)

A woman aged 32, approached with the following complaints: primary infertility, scanty periods, poor egg quality, suggested donor eggs, multiple IVF cycles failed. After analyzing her biological age observed as 44 years. Subsequently, after acupuncture treatment her periods were normal, she conceived normally with her eggs, and her biological age was observed 35 years.    

Acupuncture Overview

Acupuncture therapy slows down the aging process. Acupuncture science says face tells us a story about a person’s health and each area of the face relates to different organ systems and emotions. e. g.,

·       After many nights of poor sleep, puffiness, and dark circles are likely to show up under the eyes.

·       Similarly, years of scrunching eyebrows inward due to frustration or intense concentration will create lines between the eyes.

Visible facial aging comes from several sources. Internal health problems, such as hormone imbalance and organ dysfunction, affect the quality, hue, and texture of the skin, while repetitive facial expressions caused by long-term emotional patterns create lines and wrinkles.

Before age 25, the face reflects genetic constitution, but from 25-50, your facial map is influenced by your lifestyle and habits. After 50, the face exhibits a state of health.

The best age to start with…

It is always good to start acupuncture sessions early before the signs of aging have taken hold.

Starting acupuncture in the late twenties and early thirties is ideal, however, it is never too late to start because it boosts the look and health of the skin, and that is beneficial to everyone.

As discussed above, at every stage of life, acupuncture help improving the constitution, effects due to lifestyle and habits, and the state of health of the internal organs.

The functional improvement in the state of health of the internal organs can reduce your biological age and bring you closer to your chronological age. 

The goal of acupuncture is to balance internal health and eliminate unwanted signs of aging.

So, do not wait until you see aging signs on your body. Instead, get your biological age checked and act smart to get it corrected with acupuncture, diet & lifestyle correction.

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