Schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations.

Patient Details:
Female 50 years old

Problem Faced:

She had a problem of auditory hallucinations. She experienced that many people constantly spoke to her for more than thirty years. This troubled the other members of the family as she also spoke with those imaginary persons constantly. Psychiatric treatment was given to her for last thirty years without any cure.

Treatment Adopted:

The treatment was directed towards calming the mind and reconstructing the spirit. A 15 days course of acupuncture treatment along with ear acupuncture was given. After a rest of 10 days, two courses of 10 days were repeated. Total of 35 sittings were done. The patient co operated well during the treatment and slept well during the treatment.


She became progressively better and reported that the sounds of those imaginary persons were now heard as if they came from very far distance. Finally all these sounds vanished and in turn her talking was also stopped.