AcuGraph helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into your patient’s meridian energetics. It includes objective measurement and engaging visual displays of meridian data, as well as treatment point recommendations and historical trending to demonstrate results. It does this by measuring electrical skin resistance at representative acupuncture points, by means of a two-minute exam.

The hand and foot meridians were measured at points on the wrists and ankles. These points are commonly known in traditional Chinese acupuncture as “Source” points or “Yuan” points.

Source (Yuan) points are the most energetically active points on the meridians, with 4-6 times more energetic activity than other points. The source points are most associated with the internal organs and with the general energetic state of the meridians. These points are therefore extremely effective for measuring levels of meridian energy, or Qi.

AcuGraph is based on the historic practice of Ryodoraku acupuncture, pioneered over 60 years ago in Japan by Dr. Nakatani.

Dr. Nakatani refined his procedures to encompass both diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis was performed with an electrical instrument that measured electrical conductivity of the skin. By measuring the conductivity of each meridian, energetic excesses and deficiencies could be located and charted. This was the beginning of meridian graphing.

Treatment consisted of stimulating specific acupuncture points to either “tonify” a deficient meridian, or “sedate” an excessive meridian. An additional set of acupuncture points was used to balance meridians that showed significant energetic differences between the right and left sides of the body. These imbalances, referred to as “split” meridians, were treated with a set of acupuncture points called “Luo” points in Chinese acupuncture.

The technique has evolved and advanced significantly since the 1950’s when Dr. Nakatani did his research. The current state of the art includes computerized measurement equipment and advanced statistical interpretation of results for accurate treatment recommendations with AcuGraph.

The AcuGraph system helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into patient’s meridian energetics.

Features of AcuGraph

1. Simple and painless 2-minute exam
2. Displays meridian data in visually engaging charts and graphs, Treatment recommendations, custom protocols, home care, and more!

3. Historical trends to demonstrate progress to your patients over time. Print reports and home care instructions for patients.