Dr. Voll

An electronic digital measurement (EAV, according to Dr. VOLL)

Dr. Voll found that at certain specific locations on the anatomy, the electrical flow is much more conductive, and these points generally correspond to the Eastern Medical Acupuncture points. EAV Testing indirectly measures the "Energetic System" of the body.

The electronic measurement acc. to Dr. Voll produces data that gives you a comprehensive overview of the patient’s active point and meridian values. You can determine the status of:

  • Points low resistance compared to the surrounding skin
  • Zones low resistance compared to the surrounding skin

You can localize and measure the trigger/organ/acupuncture points (ear and body) and also obtain measured values to assist in prevention and in controlling the progression of therapy.

Results are indicated in three ways:

  1. Acoustically
  2. Visually
  3. Numerically (1-100), with the sample and hold

It can be interpreted as

Less than 30: Indicate inflammatory process, the condition is not chronic; easy to restore balance.

50-65: normal health condition.

More than 80: Indicate degenerative, chronic, long-term pathology, which – due to a large number of factors – is difficult to be brought back to the normalcy. And the longer we wait, the worse the situation.