Guideline for Patients

  1. Patient should not hide any information related to his health and habits.
  2. They should take treatment regularly and follow the instructions given by the practitioner.
  3. They should wear neat, clean and loose cloths.
  4. They should not wear ornaments during treatment session.
  5. They must inform the practitioner in case of AIDS, STD, Hepatitis B or other such diseases.
  6. They should bring all the reports and the details of previous treatments.
  7. Before the treatment the mouth should be clean and gargled.
  8. They should not eat one hour before or after the treatment session.
  9. In case, the patient is using the contact lenses, should inform in advance or preferably should remove before the treatment session.
  10. They must follow the diet advised by the practitioner.
  11. During the treatment they must avoid smoking, tobacco, liquor, gutka and similar items.
  12. Somebody should accompany the patient if required.
  13. The ladies patient should inform about their menstruation.
  14. They must give the feedback to the practitioner.
  15. the treatment session they should sit or lie down comfortably.
  16. During the treatment session, after the needling, they should not talk and make any movements unless they are asked to do so.
  17. In case of unbearable or uncomfortable situation during treatment session, they must inform the practitioner immediately.