Pulse Metabolic Analysis (PMA)

Pulse Metabolic System is the spectral analysis system to evaluate the health balance of living organism via the pulse.

Pulse is a cyclic process, formed by a huge number of chemical reactions. Every chemical transformation in essence takes place almost instantly and such a sharp change in the quality of matter is accompanied by a burst of radiation and energy absorption. In physics, such processes are described by the equations of quantum dynamics.

Splashes of energy absorption and radiation excite electromagnetic oscillations, which in a healthy organism have a strict mutual synchronization similar like the playing of each musical instrument in a large orchestra. Any mismatch with other rhythms instantly affects the beauty and harmony of an executed piece of music.

Only all-pervasive synchronization allows each living organism to be a single whole in all the smallest details of its existence. No disease can settle in an ideally coordinated system and destruction processes occurs only when the electromagnetic harmonic relations between elements of a single system disappears.

When tomographs, blood tests and other medical studies speak of a disease – this is already the result of a lost war over factors that have violated the electromagnetic consistency of a single system. And the war itself sometimes lasts for decades until it is discovered at the level of sick cells and other material sites of the body.

Is it possible to manage the healing process? YES – you can. An ideally coordinated organism functions in a space of ideal rhythms and these rhythms can be detected in a pulse wave (know-how of the Pulse Metabolic Analysis system). Ideal rhythms determine the ideal dynamic balance of the body’s metabolism (the balance of the produced and absorbed energy of a healthy organism is very precise and it does not experience any heat – neither cold nor high – nor low blood pressure, etc.).

In PMA, the physical model of biorhythms is based on the assumption that the organism is a set of metabolic oscillators – bio-complexes of all kinds, carrying out regular conversions from sol to gel and back with a certain frequency. The oscillator’s energies from point of view of phases, amplitudes and frequencies are balanced very accurately (the Yin-Yang law of Chinese medicine). The interaction between the oscillators is also described by the physical law of mutual suppression and generation of the natural frequencies of the oscillators (Wu-Xing law in Chinese medicine). Thus, the PMA model propose fully scientific base to correlate the physics of the process of the metabolic theories of Western medicine with the philosophical systems of oriental medicine.

The metabolic processes in the body are controlled by suppressing or activating of electromagnetic oscillations that accompany the sol-gel transitions. The control can be made with help of a diet (each chemical element has its own resonance oscillations and on this basis the spectral analysis of the substance is based), or any treatment modality. We live in an ocean of electromagnetic oscillations, where the Earth itself, every atom, electron or elementary particle vibrates at frequencies with wavelengths multiple of the Planck’s wave length.

Thus – healing is the process of bringing all rhythms of organism into a mutually coordinated state in terms of frequencies, phases and amplitudes. The purpose of the organism is to be WHOLE in scales of space and time.

Diseases do not exist at all – there are only forces that destroy integrity. Life is infinite and its boundaries are determined only by the degree of our ignorance. And our task - at least a little dispel such ignorance with PMA.